With never ending advances in technology, Telecommunication is evolving at lightning speeds. Telephone systems are no longer just a place to connect voice to voice. They are a sophisticated resource. A revenue center. A powerful tool to drive productivity and empower your workforce.

So if you are ready to take your business to the next level, it’s time for you to chunk your dusty, outdated Y2K era telephone system in the garbage and move to a more advanced communication platform that is flexible, feature rich, and affordable.

The answer is VoIP. (Don’t worry! It’s simpler than you think!)

Businesses world wide are choosing Voice over IP (VoIP) technology as their preferred communication method. To put it in simple terms, VoIP technology combines voice and data over a single connection which reduces costs while providing a superior level of service.

This is our area of expertise!

Leaf Data Solutions offers  on premise and cloud (aka hosted)  VoIP phone systems as well as excellent ongoing support. We understand that each business is unique and our dedicated team of voice and data specialists work closely with our clients to provide the best possible solutions to suit their individual business needs.

We have done our research and understand you need a reliable and flexible system to maintain a competitive advantage.  We have chosen the top cloud based providers to work with to ensure we deliver excellent service and support to you. While there are many out there, three tend to always rise to the top on delivery and service. We support all 3 and have relationships with each to ensure you are always satisfied with our solution.