All you need is a high-speed cable internet connection to implement a hosted, cloud-based telecom system. Many companies, both small and large, are moving their telecom and other systems off site and into the cloud. Leaf Data Solution’s works with Vonage, Nextiva and Ring Central. All 3 have tremendous track records of delivering a unique and positive experience for customers.

All 3 cuts costs, improves functionality for users, and is rich with features and benefits that are not available with traditional or T1 phone systems.

Reduces stress, avoids downtime

  • Reduced risk of system failure because there’s no equipment to break, no telephone lines to go down.
  • Maintains business continuity following a natural disaster or other calamitous event – VoIP avoids disruptions that traditional phone systems suffer. Remote, secure data centers offer system redundancy, and the web-based portal allows you to forward business calls from the office to mobile or remote IP phones.

Greater flexibility and scalability

  • Scalable system can handle multiple employees and locations. You can scale up and add users during heavy business periods (you are adding sales people or staffing a call center, for example) or scale back easily during slow seasons.
  • Supports BYOD (bring your own device) — Provides enhanced mobility for your staff who can connect their mobile phones and work phones.
  • Virtual switchboard allows call screeners or front desk staff to handle complete switchboard tasks with the click of a mouse. The user-friendly interface simplifies call coordination and screen pop-ups with caller ID information make it easy to provide a personal touch.

Saves money, time, space

  • Improves the bottom line by offering more features for less money, no significant outlay of funds for traditional phone system.
  • Saves physical space because it’s remote, there’s no on-site equipment.
  • Reduces the expense and stress associated with maintaining an on-site system.
  • Quick and easy deployment allows you to update the system, make changes to improve business operations, add features from web portal.
  • Offers additional services such as web-based fax

Tighter management controls

  • Improve employee training and customer service and fine-tune your staffing and payroll through ability to track call activity per employee and department.
  • Monitor your advertising ROI by tracking campaigns by phone number to the campaign’s success.

Want to know how you can keep your business on an upward curve with the help of hosted VoIP telephone service? Then give us a shout to talk about switching out your current system for a super-achieving cloud based system.