Leaf Data Solutions understands that you don’t want to talk through the alphabet soup of carrier services for voice solutions or internet. We recommend the right carrier partner for you. We understand with all the options it can become confusing over what would work best for your business. We can help negotiate your contract, audit your telecom expenses, project manage installations, and even request credits for erroneous bills. We work with Verizon, Comcast, Birch, AT&T, Broadview Networks, Spectrum, and a smorgous board of other providers to find the right deal for you. Whether you need T1, cable coax, fiber, MPLS, or metro Ethernet, we can help.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why Leaf Data Solutions is chosen by so many leading companies to handle their telecom services…

1. We provide peerless telecom agent/broker services:  Leaf Data Solutions represents many major telecom companies to ensure we can give you the flexibility in choosing a carrier as well as offering many different solutions.

2. You enjoy seamless access: Leaf Data Solutions interface gives you total access to the carriers you choose. You can always either deal with us — or go directly to your carriers.

3. We manage all your locations to ensure uniformity across all locations:  Leaf Data Solutions employees work with you to ensure your multiple locations are billing accordingly and work with your Accounts Payable department to ensure each store is properly billed to avoid any disruptions in service.

4. You can focus on business strategy, not telecom tactics:  Outsourcing your telecom needs means your IT staff can focus on more important strategic objectives.

5. You save money:  We identify, pursue and maintain cost savings and efficiency across telecom services, to give you quantifiable bottom-line benefits.

6. We are here to help you 365 days a year:  We give you your own dedicated help desk that’s available when anybody on your staff needs service.